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We have products and books available that are hand-picked by adoptive parents to lead you on your way.
Step-by-step information, checklists, samples, and what-to-do sheets available for quick download.
This section provides lists of other sites for related information and further background.

We use  for check and credit card payment processing and our corporate name will appear as Bold Factory.   After payment you should return to this page to fill out and send in the below background information.  Please be as specific and detailed as possible about your situation so that we may comment with full information. If you are unsure of what type of consultation fits your needs, then please fill out this form, or email us, and you will be contacted back promptly by email.

Email or Phone Consulting

Answering your questions online; customized detail on your own unique situation: individual analysis, review of strategy, recommendations step-by-step, planning, advice, promotional ideas - work from detailed report form or your supplied information.

Consulting work can include Beginning Your Search help (or guidance and support for any of the seven steps of The Process), how to increase your exposure, how to manage your ad buys, help with birthmother response calls or any other facet of independent adoption marketing
·         $150, for up to two email correspondences, or one phone contact
·         $250, for up to four email correspondences, or two phone contacts
·         custom rates for advanced consulting, or additional phone work or research
          please email us with your request

Email Consulting – two contacts for $150  
Email Consulting – four contacts for $250  
Phone Consulting – one contact for $150  
Phone Consulting – two contacts for $250  

In-Person Consulting

(Currently available within 3 hour-drive of Ohio, or in New York, NY.  By request, we would be happy to negotiate other arrangements.)

For general questions, mentoring, specific help with your situation – by appointment.
2-3 hour consultation.
Additional travel charges may apply.



Consulting Details Form


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How much time do you have weekly to dedicate to this?:
What budget do you have set aside on a weekly or monthly basis?:
What have you done to promote and network?
Do you have a Web site URL (http://)?

Please give us a basic idea of what you would like to accomplish - include a sense of where you are in the process, what you have done so far, the timing and budgets you have in mind, and the kind of marketing or promotional services you think would help you:

Please contact us to discuss a customized quote to fit our current situation.
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