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Adoption Voice is owned and operated by Sandra Barry.  It is a division specializing in helping adoptive parents pursue independent adoption networking, marketing and advertising. 

We are NOT:

Facilitators or a referral service
An adoption agency
Matching you with birthparents
Social workers
Licensed adoption professionals

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Adoption Voice

E-mail: info@modelingcareerhelp.com


Sandra is an experienced strategic marketing consultant, and seasoned business owner. Since 1984, she has helped hundreds of businesses develop new business areas and organize for growth through marketing and business development consulting, especially using email and the Internet. She hopes to continue to help moms and families use strategic marketing and business techniques to help better manage their lives with the advantages that the Internet brings for communication and staying-on-track.

As an adoptive mother, she successfully adopted using these methods in under 7 months.  She has been involved in adoptive marketing and helping other families for over 3 years. Her adoption affiliations include Pregnancy Decision Health Centers, RESOLVE - The National InfertilityAssociation, NCFA/National Council for Adoption, American Adoption Congress, and New Roots.

She's been nominated for Working Woman Magazine's
Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, Inc./MCI's Positive Performer Award, and GE's "Women Helping Women Award.

Sandra is well-known and active in the marketing community. She has appeared on News 12, WNYC-TV, WOR-AM, WBAB-AM, and NetProfits Radio. She's been a regular contributor to several print and online magazines, and is published by Inc. Magazine, Business Week, DM News, DM Review, AdAge, Internet Retailer, STORES Magazine, Forrester's Reports, Executive Female Magazine and John Wiley & Sons' book "Advertising on the Internet" by Robbin Zeff, among others.

Sandra is extremely active in the mentoring and tutoring of young people and women entrepreneurs. She has taught from toddlers at Sunday Schools to teens at Barbizon Modeling Schools. Sandra founded and operated five successful businesses of her own. She considers herself a serial entrepreneur. She holds an MBA in Marketing from New York University and lives in Columbus, OH with her young adopted son.






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