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We have products and books available that are hand-picked by adoptive parents to lead you on your way.
Step-by-step information, checklists, samples, and what-to-do sheets available for quick download.
This section provides lists of other sites for related information and further background.
Still have questions? We are here to provide you with any type of hand-holding you need. From Email and phone consulting, to Marketing, Internet, and other Consulting services.

If you are hoping to adopt a baby independently, you are in the right place.

Adoption Voice provides networking and marketing services for adoptive parents to find prospective birthparents.  If you are serious about networking for independent adoption, we provide promotional advice on how to increase the visibility of your Family Profile (also known as the Dear Birthmother Letter). We provide step-by-step information that allows you to create high-impact, cost-effective promotional programs.

Run by adoptive parents and marketing experts, we can help you network to save any or all the work, and lots of time.  We can probably save you some money, too.  We provide proactive help that can include:

•  Tipsheets and tools
•  Book and resource referrals
•  Customized marketing and advertising programs
•  One-time consulting or ongoing support services - by email, phone or in-person

We are the only professional marketing experts specializing in adoption networking.  Our products and services allow you to:

•  Make your adoption plan smarter and faster
•  Eliminate the learning curve and mistakes on marketing and advertising and media spending
•  Save time with professional marketing expertise and guidance
•  You may even save some money, but that part is not entirely up to us
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