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At the present time, independent adoption is legal in all states except for Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Michigan. If you live in any of these states and want to pursue independent adoption, there may be other ways you can do that with certain intermediaries. Please see the following information or contact us.
Preparing for Networking
Here is an outline of the process and tactics involved in marketing, advertising and networking for independent adoption.  Don’t be alarmed by the tasks in front of you as there is plenty of help available when you need it.  There are adoption professionals, social workers and counselors to help with birthmother situations.  There are marketing and advertising experts, like Adoption Voice, to guide you with your networking or manage the entire process for you.

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Beginning Your Search

How does a birthmother find the potential adoptive family?  She will seek out a family that matches her idea of a good life for her child.  She may want the family to be close by if she is intending to have contact, or she may seek a family anywhere in the country.  You will need to describe what you see as the right fit for a potential situation for your family, after seeking legal counsel.
Getting Ready for Contact

Attorneys – philosophical agreement on plan
Determine the amount of contact with the birthmother
Journals, plan recordkeeping
Write out script for calls
Fedex account, big envelopes, mailing labels
Toll-free phone line setup
Caller I.D.
Presenting your Family
       * Profile/Dear Birthmother letter
       * Website
       * Other Marketing Collateral – cards, posters, email, letters, photos
       * Drafting the Ad
How to Network for Independent Adoption

About 80% of matched situations come from advertising, and only 20% from networking and referrals from professionals.
Can work completely on own or register with a facilitator/s to mediate contact with birthparents, if your state allows this type of networking by allowing independent adoption and adoption advertising.  Also if your own state does not allow advertising, you can check if you can advertise in other states that do allow it and plan for that.  You must also find out what limitations your State places on allowable birthmother fees.  For example, one state does not allow for parents to pay for any birthmother living expenses.  This limitation would severely hamper the available situations since most birthmothers need some assistance such as phone charges, utilities, food and clothes, and rent when they can’t work anymore.
Getting Creative

Attracting birthparents is like any other marketing effort.  You must create materials and present yourself to the right person at the right time with the right information in order to make a connection.  As with any advertising, the audience that you target is also receiving messages from others.  Therefore, you will need to get creative.  Some methods to use are:
* Flyers
* Word-of-mouth Networking
* Classified ads
* Mass mailing
* Web
* Business cards, postcards
* Pins
* T-shirts
* stickers
Getting Help and Working with Experts

In this independent method, you must become a better expert then the experts.  This doesn’t mean you should learn legal advice, but it does mean you must learn enough about the process to guide and check your experts.  Some of the people you may hire are:
               Referral services
               Advertising services
               Other intermediaries – doctors, networking attorneys, agencies for assisted or targeted placements
Budgeting and Planning Your Advertising Campaigns
* Where to place
* How to run the ads
* How often
* Managing the placement of the ads, and working with ad salespeople
* How to track and keep records
Everyone wants to know….. How much should I spend?  The only responsible answer is to set a full limit and start with a bang.  After the initial spend, spread the remainder of the budget out over a few months.  You may feel more comfortable spending $400/week for four months than spending $3000 in the first two weeks.   You may feel comfortable spending $150/week to “see what happens”.   If you spend $5000 for the first month, you can virtually guarantee enough calls to have a case.  You can’t know if it will be “the” case, but you should find several situations to work with.   There is no special time of the year that is better than another, so there is no reason not to start your dream now.
Using the Internet

The design and content of your Website is the first step; how you promote and publicize it are even stronger keys to success online.  You must have a marketing program to promote your website.
* Website Design   
* Promoting and Linking
* Email Strategy
* Participation in online discussion groups and mailing lists

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