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Financing an Adoption, Money Magazine, 4/5/99

The Changing Face of Adoption: Families are not made by biology alone. Here, the adoption process demystified., Parents Magazine, 8/7/01    



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TS - 1
$ 2.50
Myths and Truths about Independent Adoption
TS - 2
$ 2.50
Breaking the Rules of Independent Adoption
TS - 3
$ 6.50
Tips for Preparing to Adopt Independently
TS - 4
$ 6.50
Tips for Preparing your Budget Spending
TS - 5
$ 6.50
Tips for Preparing your Family Profile/Dear Birthmother Letter
TS - 6
$ 6.50
How to Begin your Networking
TS - 7
$ 25.00
How to Advertise
TS - 8
$ 6.50
Website and Email Basics for Independent Adoption Marketing
TS - 9
$ 25.00
Sample:          Handling Birthparent Calls
TS - 10
$ 6.50
Sample:          Ad Tracking Form
TS - 11
$ 6.50
What to do While You Wait



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National Adoption Information Clearinghouse      
National Adoption Center
Dave Thomas Foundation
North American Council on Adoptable Children
General Information

Adoptster – specialized adoption search engine
Adoptionsearch – specialized adoption search engine, of adoption.com
ABC Adoptions
Parentsoup’s Adoption site, by iVillage
Institute for Adoption Information
Babyzone’s Namefinder

Online Discussion Groups and Chats

Adoption at About.com
Yahoo groups
Adoption Forums, by adoption.com
“Let's Talk Adoption” – Internet talk show
listen live on Tuesdays at 12pm ET/9am PT and again at 12am ET/9pm PT
Find your Local Resources - State-by-State

Adoptive Parent Support Groups
State ICPC Offices
NAIC's State Legal Summaries
Adoption LawSite, by the The National Center for Adoption Law & Policy
Adoption Laws of the 50 States
The Adoption and Safe Families Act's Searchable Database
Putative Father Registries
Infertility Sites

Fertile Thoughts
Childcare classes

Finding a Private Cord Blood Bank

Infant CPR classes
Adoption Professionals and Experts

Adoption Tax Credit
IRS Publication on Adoption Tax Credit
Last-minute Travel

Bridgestreet Corporate Housing
Corporate Housing Search Engine - state-by-state
Suite Net Corporate and Short-Term Housing
Redweek Condo Rental - state-by-state
Extended Stay Network  
Baby Photo Sites and Websites

Babies Online
Our Baby News
Baby Homepages
Baby Jellybeans
Baba Babies  





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