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Getting kids to eat healthy can be a real challenge. A healthy lifestyle is lived by example. Parents or caretaker adults might be around for breakfast and dinner, but kids have to make food choices by themselves all day. The goal is to have them make smart choices for a healthy future and gain real food habits that will last a lifetime.

We can help you with tips to cook faster to make eating healthy a lot easier for you. One key to healthier eating is by having the right mix of ingredients on hand, and prepping and storing several items at one time.






Real Bites Small Talk can help you get there by providing school-aged kids and their families with nutritional guidance and encouragement for:

  • healthy eating habits for kids
  • recipes for kids
  • lunch line choices
  • facing only fast food choices
  • choices at parties
  • healthy meal planning
  • support for those with health conditions, such as ADHD or allergies

We have tips, tools, and a blog. We also support you with individual mentoring and personal help through virtual coaching.  See how we can help you!

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