What to do with your fresh produce box delivery

20141105_193725copyMany people are ordering local, organic, or fresh food boxes delivered to their homes on a weekly basis.   How exciting to get fresh food right to your door!  And, when you open it there are many items in difference colors.   Often the box will include vegetables that you may not be familiar with, or ones that you don’t know how to use.

Here are some ideas to help you out:

1 Clean and Chop

The veggies need to be cleaned.  Wash them thoroughly.  Dry.  Cut ends off squashes and beans.  De-vein the leafy greens. Chop up greens as you like – thin lengthwise or tightly chopped.


 2  Store

If not using the produce immediately for eating or for a recipe, then store them in glass or plastic containers with a paper towel and they will stay fresh longer.


3  Find recipes and cook

Try something new!  There are recipe search engines that can give you ideas by plugging in the ingredient combinations you want to use.  In our box, we had collards, cabbage, and kale and found an Italian Ribollita soup using those ingredients.




We also cooked up sweet potato, and chopped half and mashed the other half.  Ready for meals anytime!



Stay tuned for what to do with turnips and squash…


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